Monthly Fees

Monthly Fees are determined by:

  • Apartment Style - One Bedroom or Two Bedroom
  • Service Level Required - Level I, II, III, IV, V
  • Applicability of Double Occupancy Fee
Fee Schedule

 One Bedroom  Two Bedroom
Level I  $3,925 Level I $4,300
 Level II $4,325 Level II $4,675
 Level III $4,750  Level III $5,150
  Level IV $5,175 Level IV $5,550
Level V $5,575 Level V $5,975

Double Occupancy Fee

If your spouse lives in your assisted living apartment an additional monthly fee is as follows:
  • Level I    $1,475
  • Level II   $1,650
  • Level III  $1,825
  • Level IV  $2,025
  • Level V   $2,225


A $500 Refundable Wait List Fee is due at time of application. An additional Refundable $3,500 Security Deposit is due when a Service Agreement is signed.