The Ozaukee County Administrator’s Office coordinates all administrative and management functions of county government not otherwise vested by law to other entities through facilitating cooperation and communication between Ozaukee County residents, the Ozaukee County Board of Supervisors, and county departments.


The County Administrator is responsible for recommending and submitting an annual budget to the Ozaukee County Board of Supervisors for their consideration.  The Board provides direction to the County Administrator and staff throughout the budget process.  For more information on the County's budget process and how to participate as a citizen please go to Budgets in the menu on the left.  The County's budget covers the fiscal year which is January 1st to December 31st.      

2018 Proposed Budget

On September 20, 2017 the County Administrator provided a high-level overview of the 2018 Recommended Budget to the County Board of Supervisors. That presentation is included below.  The full 2018 Recommended Budget is included below.  The Executive Committee will meet on October 11th (8:45 am) and October 12th (9 am) in the Auditorium of the Administration Center to discuss the recommended budget.  An informational meeting for public input will be held on October 30th at 7 pm in the Board Room of the Historic Courthouse.  The official public hearing on the budget will be held before budget adoption on November 1, 2017 at 9 am in the Board Room. All meetings are open to the public.